About Me

my name is Pavel Kodytek, and at the moment I am employed as programmer with a specialization on control and measurement applications. I am also teaching at the Technical university Ostrava (VSB-TU).

Most of my programs are writen in graphical oriented programing language LabVIEW. I  have been working on some pretty large applications lately that have highly dynamic behavior.


For most of my live I went with:

Do not tell me you do not know how everything is related to everything. And I garantee to you, that ifyou cant do something today, there is no reason you would not be able to do it tomorrow. You just haveto work harder.

Contact details
Address:  Havířov, Czech Republic
E-mail:     pavel.kodytek.st@gmail.com
Born:        1994


Full Biography 

Certified LabView Architect since 2016