Artificial Intelligence

Lecture materials at VŠB-TU

All codes are written in Matlab R2014a

01 – Introduction artificial intelligence

Introduction to the topic of the artificial intelligence.

02 – Fuzzy sets and logic

Implementation of tip decision with a fuzzy toolbox.

Tip decision  Fuzzy regulator

03 – Expert systems

Implementation of expert systems

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04 – British museum

Shortest path algorithm called British museum.

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05 – Breadth First Search and Depth First Search

Shortest path algorithms BFS and DFS.

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06 – Value iteration, Discounting

Iteration of value in gridword – shortest path algorithm with goals.

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07 – Markov decision process

Probability driven model of grid word movement.

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08 – Hill climbing

Search of local maximum based on hill climbing.

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09 – Evolutionary algorithm

Evolutionary algorithm to search local maximum.

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10 – Evolutionary algorithm, symbolic regression

Evolutionary algorithm to search function approximation for given dataset.

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11 – K-means

Implementation of K-means clustering.

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12 – Neural Networks

Simple neural networks to recognize animals based on features.

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13 – Convolutional Neural Networks

Convolutional Neural Networks

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