Expert systems

In this exercise we will implement a custom based expert system. This is semi open task, where you can implement whatever decision logic you would like to.  Goal is to make a  expert decision system (where you are supposed to be the expert) to make decisions based on certain inputs. The number of inputs is not limited, however decision logic should not be overthink and unclear. 

Some examples are mentioned bellow:

  1. Student decision system – Try to decide if student will attend a lecture. Number of conditions and inputs is not limited. You can take in count for example the weather, distance from home, subject of the class atc. 
  2. Animal classification system – Reference to a well known system AKINATOR, you can try to make a decision system to classify animals. You can take in count features like fur, color, speed, atc. 
  3. Game to play checkers – Try to make a rule based system to play a game. 

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