Bigger projects and events that I was participating in.

Coauthoring publication – Nature sdata


A high-resolution large-scale dataset of pathological and normal white blood cells.
Nature – scientific data (5% centil).
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Automated visual control of cheese


Project managment and programing of automated visual control of cheese. A project consisting of mechanical construction and its design, electro projection and subsequent creation together with the final software solution. The camera control included the integrity of the box, checking the date or the correct packaging of the ermine.

Automated code generation in LabVIEW


Automated code generation in LAbVIEW based on AI. Full read : here.

Project leading and programing of sequencing table


Project managment and programing of sequencing table – camera control of an operator who performs the required process in pre-set sequences based on SAP.

Project E-town


Lead software programing of join project betwean VŠB-TUO and Elvac for realization of e-bycicle tester. As a part of an team we provided full scale application to control and measure all required parameters of e-bycicle. We also developed and supplied all the necessary electrical connections.

Project Pinhole


As a part of the Pinhole project, I did a research on possibilities of measuring micrometers hole with a special lasers and cameras. With other collegues we managed to create test bed and software to measure total amount of energy going thrue the micrometer holes.

Hellaton first place


24 Hours coding event. For more informations see Hellaton event page.

Coauthoring publication of dataset


A large-scale image dataset of wood surface defects for automated vision-based quality control processes
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Coauthoring book chapter


Machine Learning Used in Biomedical Computing and Intelligence Healthcare, Volume I
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High Speed camera imaging of wood surface


In collaboratiion with Mayr-Melnhof Holz Paskov realization of high speed imaging of wood planks (speed of 10m/s)

Coauthoring publication


Automated Detection of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia From Microscopic Images Based on Human Visual Perception.
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Coauthoring publication


Wood Recognition and Quality Imaging Inspection Systems
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AI for playing human like computer games


Realization of AI to imitate human like player with a certain human like mistakes. (Perfection is prohibited in some sort of game, because you would attract attention of non human player algorithms).

Certification Charles Bridge Investment Group


Certification on financial markets, stocks, comodities, opce. Certification list.



International collaboration with Fraunhofer institute for image inspection and classification of wood errors with AI.

Hyundai HMMC automated lamp test system


Realization of automated lamp test module, without strict sequence (everything user based with huge variations).

Artificial intelligence for creation of code


Concept prove of creating a computer code, without expert system (no if-then rules). This was done with a back propagation of measured results into the evolutionary algorithms.

AI for driving a self learning car


Self learning car driving based on back propagation of crashes.

Stereometry and 3D space reconstruction


As a part of my master degree I created a demo aplication with explained math behind reconstruction of 3D space, especially with a usage of paralax. This is called stereometry.

AI for game of tron

12/2017 – 1/2018

Creation of artificial inteligence for a game of TRON. Application of self learning neural network agents, which played against each other to improve and therefore learn the optimal strategy.

Scripting language


Creation of compiler and runtime, for customized scripting language.

Production line for Jaguar / Land Rover lights


Drive control + programming algorithms for setting light modules. From the base component to the final Lamp.



Compact Library and Universal Data Import Export xlsx toolkit for LabVIEW. Full impelentation of ECMA standards and no DLL usage. I did this solo, with a distribution help of ATEsystem s.r.o.
CLAUDIE_xlsx at

Foetal ECG generator


The rework of the Oxford architecture, to which I have implemented my own adaptive algorithms. This was used to generate simulated signals from a pregnant woman with 3D wave propagation.

EOG measurement for control of snake game.

2014 – 2015

Measurement of eye signals (EOG – electrooculography) to control direction of agent in game of snake.